About Polly
The Secret Garden Art Gallery
Art has opened a new world for Polly to express herself and her appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in nature, people and animals.  Recently she was told how sad it was that she had not been painting earlier, and she responded that earlier she had been too busy raising children and managing an insurance career, and that she truly believes God gives us what we need at the very time we need it.
Today, Polly is a picture of health and able to do some of her earlier interest, however, art is now an integral part of her life. 

Polly and her husband, Vernon, currently reside in Graham, North Carolina with their two dogs, Higgins and Token, along with an African Parrot named Maggie. 
A few years ago while recovering from an illness and too weak to continue her other interests of gardening, horseback riding and showing dogs, one of Polly's friends encouraged her to pick up a brush and begin painting.  Today, Polly has her own studio and she dabbles in Oils, Watercolors and Acrylics.  Her work has been showcased while living in Virginia at the the Petersburg Area Art League, the Petersburg Regional Art Center,  the Petersburg Main Library, Beacon Theatre, Art Annex and Crossroads Art Center.
Higgins & Token